Welcome to the D&D Ingredients MarketMix Ag newsletter report. This report is generated monthly, shortly after the government WASDE reports are available. Along with our partners, Ever.Ag, we provide feed mill customers and nutritionist (and their customers) with handy insight about market conditions, forecasts, commodity pricing, supply/demand, and global impacts.

Our monthly newsletter release is exclusively and first for you – our D&D customers and associates, and only available on a select basis.  Past issues are available to the public.

The World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) is prepared and released by the World Agricultural Outlook Board (WAOB). The report is released monthly, and provides annual forecasts for supply and use of U.S. and world wheat, rice, coarse grains, oilseeds, and cotton. The report also covers U.S. supply and use of sugar, meat, poultry eggs and milk, as well as Mexico’s supply and use of sugar. The WAOB chairs the Interagency Commodity Estimates Committees (ICECs), which include analysts from key USDA agencies who compile and interpret information from USDA and other domestic and foreign sources to produce the report.

About Ever.Ag
Ever.Ag provides indispensable software and services to agricultural and food supply chains. They have decades of experience and an unmatched passion for helping their customers and affiliated industries thrive. They are a great resource for Risk Management and help us help our customers when considering commodity market purchase/risk decision-making. They partner with us to provide insight for our monthly MarketMix Newsletter.

What makes our report special?
The D&D MarketMix is more than just a government report. Our team dives deep into the marketplace, studies issues closer than just commodity reports. We look at world conditions (weather, conflicts, politics and more). The insight you are receiving each month can help you better understand your business, market conditions and positioning yourself for what lies down the road.

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This report is generated exclusively for D&D customers, associates, friends and prospects. It’s our way of saying thanks for your business.

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Newsletter Archive

May 2024 – USDA Report: Record High Corn Yield Predicted for 2024/2025 Crop Season Spurs Price Surge

April 2024 – Avian Flu Detected in Dairy Cows Triggers Interstate Movement Limits, Market Impact Uncertain

March 2024 – US Corn Abundance Persists as Global Supplies Tighten, According to USDA Report

February 2024 – Corn Market Remains Weak as US and World Supplies Exceed Expectations

January 2024 – USDA Report Shocks Grain Markets with Record-Breaking Corn Yield and Surplus of Soybeans and Wheat

December 2023 – Increase in Corn Exports and Stable Production Outlook for Brazil and Argentina

November 2023 – US Corn Yield and Production Estimates Rise in November WASDE report

October 2023 – US Corn & Soybean Yield Cuts Larger Than Expected

September 2023 – Corn Crop Outlook: Yield & Stocks Above Expectations, but Drought & Acreage Concerns Remain

August 2023 – USDA Cuts Corn and Soybean Yield Estimates Amid Drought

July 2023 – Corn Acreage Surges in 2023-24, USDA Report Shows

June 2023 – All Eyes on US Weather Conditions

May 2023 – Midwest Growers Swiftly Accelerate Corn and Soybean Planting

April 2023 – USDA Forecasts Spike in Corn Plantings, Fueling Volatility in Grain Markets

March 2023 – Downtrends in Grain Markets

February 2023 – Grain & Feed Markets Still High

January 2023 – Grain & Feed Markets Show Strength

December 2022 – Rail Labor Deal Passed

November 2022 – Uncertainty Prevails in Milk Markets

October 2022 – Volatility and Anxiety Persist in Global Markets

September 2022 – USDA estimates US corn and soybean yields down

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